Baby Sitting CPR Class

Babysitting CPR Class


Babysitting is a fun and rewarding money-making opportunity, but it comes with some serious responsibilities. Safety training and emergency preparedness are essential for anyone working with children and infants. That’s why we offer this hands-on Babysitting CPR class, led by our certified instructors, to prepare and equip you for responding to a health emergency.

In this short class, babysitters learn infant and child CPR, the AHA pediatric Chain of Survival, signs of choking and relief of foreign-body airway obstructions, and prevention of the most common injuries in infants and children. This class is primarily intended as a supplementary course for those who have completed the Child & Babysitting Safety (CABS) class. (We recommend taking the CABS class prior to the Babysitting CPR class). This training can be performed on-location at our classroom in Folsom, or at your workplace in the Sacramento or Roseville area.

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A class “participation card” is issued as this is the standard evidence of training for this class, and this age group, as set forth by the American Heart Association.

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11-15 years
2 hours, one night only
American Heart Association
AHA Friends and Family participation
2 Years

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