AVERT – Active Shooter Response Training


Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT), gives knowledge & confidence to escape, evade or attack during an active violence incident.

AVERT is for any number of organizations, from healthcare organizations, hospitals, schools, colleges, businesses, churches, and event venues. Created by experts, AVERT goes far beyond what you will find anywhere else. Our training focuses on skills once reserved for first responders, now adapted for the general public. Everything we do is informed by our direct experience in the trenches of emergency prevention and management. Empower Your Team When violence occurs, seconds count, and you can't always wait for EMS to arrive. AVERT is an active shooter training course that also enables you to become an immediate responder by learning emergency stop the bleed techniques. This AVERT course teaches • Early Warning Signs of a potential active violence event • Escape, Evade and Attack techniques, and how to quickly select which one(s) to use • Situational Awareness, a life skill that has been overlooked in our technology-driven and sensory-overloaded lives • Emergency Bleeding Control techniques—important and potentially life-saving skills since one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the U.S. is uncontrolled bleeding. • Respond quickly and confidently in an emergency Why your agency needs AVERT training Active shooter incidents are unpredictable, and they can evolve rapidly. During the chaos, anyone involved can play a vital role in lessening the impact of an active shooter incident. Recent active shooter incidents have shown the importance of a rapid response. Every second counts when active violence occurs and active shooter training with AVERT teaches you the tools that allow you to quickly react, have options, make decisions, and potentially save lives. Active shooter awareness is a key training tool Incidents can happen anywhere. Being able to react quickly to life-threatening situations is critical in any environment. With AVERT, you will learn situational awareness and how to adopt an active shooter response plan so you can take fast action in an emergency. Stop the bleeding techniques for emergencies Uncontrolled bleeding is a serious emergency. Blood loss due to trauma is a leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If care is delayed, even by a few minutes, uncontrolled bleeding can quickly become life-threatening. When active violence occurs, time is critical to survival. Being able to react quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives. And until law enforcement and EMS arrive, you are the immediate responder to others and yourself.

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