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Special Events at Rescue Training Institute
Greg Landin Kristin Marshall
Greg Landin Kristin Marshall
KCRA interview 
First Aid kit essentials 
for summer
May 2010
Cardiac Arrest survivor and heros
Cynthia Landin Presenting awards
Cynthia Landin Presenting Awards
Cardiac Arrest Survivors Ceremony
Survivors & Heros Ceremony
September, 2008
Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivor Eugene Enrightis flanked by his wife, the staff of Murieta Health ClubRick Souza of Cardiac ScienceMark Storace, Sr. of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, and Greg Landin of Rescue Training Institute. 
Alive and well, Eugene Enrightstands with Robert Asuncion and Darlene Delmore who saved his life on November 25, 2008 with the use of a Cardiac Science AED.
Cynthia Landin of Rescue Training Institute presents awards to the heros of tonight's event, Robert Asuncion and Darlene Delmore.
On the morning of November 25, 2008, at 9:55, Gene Enright died
 of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Murieta Health Club had prepared for this
type of event years before providing the training and life saving
equipment to "save a heart too young to die". At 10 am, Gene was
alive as Metro Fire Department crews arrived.
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